November 1-5, 2023

This was the first time I was officially invited as a guest artist at the Lucca Comics & Games!
Everyone who has been to the Lucca Comics & Games knows it's an incredible events for artists, it's five days of pure joy and astonishment. It’s been an honor being welcomed in this warmhearted family that brings Art and Magic into this world-class event for 25 Years. I’ve been able to express my art freely and to paint in Area Performance side by side with other incredible artists.
In this occasion I did a collaboration with Giorgio Pow3r Calandrelli, painting him a portrait as Jace Baleren! The painting was then sold at the Area Performance's charity auction.
Many thanks to Area Performance and Miriam Borgioli for the invite, and of course Niccolò Covoni e Tiziano Antognozzi too for being exceptional people. Also Thank You to everyone who stopped by, for all the compliments, interviews, kind words and commissions.
See you all next year!

Live painting at the Area Performance

The portrait exposed during the final auction