Cards and alters

How do you alter the cards?
Each card is made entirely by hand. I use acrylic paints and professional processes that guarantee a perfect artistic and aesthetic result, great attention to detail, maximum precision and playability.
Which colors do you use?
I only use acrylic paints from the best professional brands on the market, quality is paramount.
What is the difference between the various types of alters (ExtendedArt, BorderlessArt, ArtBox, FullArt)?

These terms identify different types of artistic enhancements on cards:

- ArtBox: these are the alters I make to the original design without touching the name, text or borders. For example, I can change your Planeswalker's outfit, add any detail you want to the original art, or completely change it with a new art from scratch;
- ExtendedArt: are the alters I make to the borders only (black or white), continuing the original illustration beyond the ArtBox borders while maintaining the card layout untouched;
- BorderlessArt: is a more advanced level of ExtendedArt. These are the alters where I paint both over the borders and the card layout, leaving all the text and names untouched. I can either continue the original art or change it completely, as in ArtBoxes;
- FullArt: these are the alters I paint to make the entire surface of the card unique, leaving visible: name, mana cost, and power/toughness box. For planeswalkers I can also leave the loyalty points visible

These are the main guidelines for what I do. Any custom artwork outside of these categories can be discussed.
Are alters resistant?
Absolutely, yes. I use the same professional painting techniques that I use to restore museum pieces. Both in terms of quality and respect for the original materials, thickness and weight. As for any other valuable card, my personal advice is to double sleeve them.
Can your altered cards be used in tournaments?
Yes, my altered cards are played by professional players on tables all over the world, from small in-store tournaments to major national and international events. I strictly adhere to the official Wizard policy on modified cards regarding weight and thickness. Any decision is always up to the Head Judge of the tournament. I suggest to ask them before the beginning of the tournament.
Can you alter damaged cards?
Yes. I can paint on any card, ruined or not. If some are badly damaged, I can restore them professionally.


Do cards restored by you gain value?
Yes. With the restoration process, very damaged and unplayable cards that are torn in half, flooded, have missing corners, are attacked by moulds, go from having no market to being traded and sold as before.
Are cards restored by you playable in tournaments?
Absolutely. I only ever work with professional techniques and tools from my background as a professional restorer that I apply daily to works of art that I restore for museums or cathedrals. The cards will return to their original thickness, weight, rigidity and flexibility so that they can be played in any tournament.


There is a card in the shop that I would like to order, but it is not available. How can I get it?
You can contact me to let me know which card you would like and we will agree on how to proceed.
It says you can buy cards. Can you get them all?
Yes. I only order cards from national and international powersellers. From Alphas to the latest releases.
How do you calculate the price of the cards you order and then alter?
The final price is given by the sum of:card cost (if not shipped by the costumer) + alteration cost + shipment cost
OK then, you can find the cards I'm asking for. Do I need to give you a deposit in advance?
I usually require an advance payment of half the total cost of the commission to reserve your slot. The other half is paid when the job is completed.
Do all alterations cost the same?
Each artwork has a different price: each design is unique and personal and the price will always vary depending on the quality and quantity of details required.
Can you send me the work-in-progress of the cards you are altering for me?
Before I start painting, I will send you the preparatory sketch and then you will see your finished commission straight away.
How long does it take to alter a card?
I usually have a queue of about two months due to clients who have already booked. Apart from events, where I am invited as a Resident Artist. There I can complete the alter the same day I get the card and you can skip the queue. You can only find me at major national and international events and tournaments, I always post the dates and locations on my social networks.


How do you ship cards?
I only ship alters with the most reliable couriers on the market, I only use national or international registered mail.
How long does it take to receive the cards?
It depends on the type of shipping service you choose and where you are located. In Italy, the classic times for a Registered package (Raccomandata) or parcel sent by courier. Abroad, it may take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the method of delivery chosen.
Can I track my parcel?
Yes, always. I always communicate the national or international tracking code at the end of the order. You can track your shipment on the best online tracking sites.
What happens if the package does not arrive?
By using only tracked and secure services, this has never happened. If the card is not collected on time, it will be returned to my restoration lab. Some shipping services (e.g. Insured) allow you to insure the goods so that you can get a refund in the event of loss.


Is there any money-back guarantee?
Altering cards is a bit like getting a tattoo. We always agree on the type of work to be done before I start, followed by a sketch so there is usually no problem. Once started, the job is officially underway and I cannot give refunds.