Most of the resident artists.
Gaboleps is missing :(

July 7-9, 2023

It was an incredible weekend and I cannot thank Legacy European Tour enough for inviting me.
I met great MTG artists from all over the world, we painted live in the Artist Alley for three days straight, we went to dinner together and shared ideas and advice, stories and experiences. We talked about food (of which I am an expert), film, art and music.
Gaboleps is missing from this picture! It was late in the evening and he was on his way back to New Zealand. It's so sad, but we're great friends now and I'm sure we'll have other moments to take a picture together!
In the image you can see (from left to right): Johan Grenier (MTG artist), Florinda Zanetti (alter artist), Shivan (that's me!), Luca Costa (artist alley manager), Martina Fačková (MTG artist) and Svetlin Velinov (MTG artist).
I can't wait to see all these amazing people and artists again!