Drew Tucker and Shivan, showing off the artwork

January 9, 2023

During theDamnationFest (Second Edition), organised by Gianluca Bøøse, whom I would like to thank for inviting me, I had the chance to meet Drew Tucker.
He is an artist who needs no introduction to those who know Magic: The Gathering, having been one of the first 25 illustratorsb> selected by Wizard of The Coast, active since 1993 and with a truly unique style! As well as being an amazing artist, he is also a really nice and easy-going person. We did a collaboration the day after the event, hosted by Bøøse in his shop Dungeøn Street in Pisa. Together we made this Artist Proof, imagining an alternative version of the Plateau.
I did the portrait of Clint Eastwood while Drew Tucker painted the canyon in the background.
It was a truly unique experience and I am sure this card will forever be one of my most treasured possessions!

Four-handed Artist Proof